CIRCLE cookie cutter.
comes in various sizes

Our CIRCLE cookie cutter.
Please choose size option from drop down menu.
These are custom made to order...so we do not stock these.
Sizes may vary slightly.
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ecrandal cutters are the best, hands down, no question.

Theresa Elam on 30th Oct 2019

I own at least two dozen ecrandal cutters and they are all beautifully made and a joy to bake with. The quality of the craftsmanship is beyond compare and the shapes they offer are so unique and gorgeous! Even the simplest geometric shapes are wonderful to look at. Don't hesitate to buy any of the ecrandal products; they are simply the best!


Judith D. on 17th Nov 2015

My circle cutters are perfectly shaped and I love how they handle when I am working with them. Eric never fails to impress with his attention to detail and his craftsmanship even with this very deceptively simple shape. I will use these cutters frequently.