These casserole carriers are about 24x24 inches and are perfect for taking a dish to your next potluck!

They are made with 100% cotton fabric, a cotton strap and have a layer of Insul-Bright.

Insul-Bright is a polyester batting with a metallic layer which helps reflect heat, this makes it perfect for carrying hot items!

These casserole carriers work with dishes of different shapes and sizes.  They are suitable for 8x8 square dishes, 9 inch pie pans, 9x13 dishes and everything in between!

Simply place your dish in the center of the carrier with the strap over top of the pan.  Then bring the corners with the loops over the dish and thread the strap through the loops.  Pull the strap up bringing all four corners together and there you have it! All ready to take wherever you please. The dishes shown in the pictures are a 9x9 square and 9x13 rectangle.

Please select which pattern you would like below. They are reversible and have two patterns on each side. Please see the pictures on each pattern option to see the other side of the carriers.

Handmade by Victoria

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