Our BABY MOON is about 5 x 4.5 inches.


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baby moon review

Shiloh on 16th Mar 2018

I originally got a few different comparable copper cookie cutters from 4 different brands to start out with to see which brand I really liked best before ordering more, because if I was going to invest the extra money on them (especially if some were special gifts) opposed to just getting cheap, plastic or tin that rusts, I wanted to carefully evaluate the quality before re-ordering. Although all of them were nice for one reason or another, the “ecrandal” ones are by far the most exceptional and the best in my opinion. They are truly quality made with a sharp enough edge on one side and a folded edge on the other side, are well coupled, are definitely the tallest of them all for practical applications of cutting out brownies, Jell-O, sandwiches etc and not limited for just short cookies, they have an enormous amount of designs when you start going through them all on their web site (following the tiny arrow for each new page that I missed in the very beginning), have some truly outstanding, artistic designs like the scarecrow and ocean wave for example, and will custom make you one if you send them a drawing. They are so exceptional, they can be beautifully displayed, and they make wonderful, unique gifts of one or several at a time. They deserve credit, where credit is due. Sincerely, Shiloh