Available in LG (5 x 5.75); MED (4 x 4.75);  SM (3 x 3.75)


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Alexandra Wedding Gown

Kelly on 14th Mar 2019

I purchased this to use for a bridal shower and it is going to be perfect

The most beautiful cookie cutter ever!!

Maryann Herkimer on 23rd Feb 2016

I have a huge collection of cookie cutters but I am always on the lookout for something REALLY special. I was so excited to finally order this cookie cutter and when I opened the package I was absolutely thrilled! It is a gorgeous work of fine art, beautifully designed and expertly handcrafted with the eye of a true craftsman...I am still speechless and can't wait to use this one!

Absolutely Stunning Cookie Cutter!

Maryann Herkimer on 17th Feb 2016

I was so excited when I ordered this cookie cutter...and my excitement was at least quadrupled when it arrived! You will never find any nicer cutter than these...finely handcrafted with expert attention to every detail! I can't wait to order more!


Ivonne on 22nd Apr 2015

I was thrilled when I opened the box, I really loved the cutter and, Wow!! The handwritten thank you note was so nice. The attention to details is just everything. I can't wait to make the cookies fir my niece's bridal shower. I am trying to order one more from you but is sold outi hope I can get it very soon. Thank you.

Simply, the BEST!

Robin Cacciacarro on 23rd Nov 2014

You will not find a better quality cutter anywhere! Every cutter is handmade to perfection; quality, flawless workmanship with beautiful details.


Cheryl L. on 30th Aug 2014

I was truly blown away when I opened my package. Love, love, loved the cutter and the handwritten note. Attention to detail is everything and you NAILED it!!! Thank you! Can't wait to make these cookies!!!