We thought we would take this opportunity to introduce each of us and let you know a little about us.  Enjoy!

Eric Border:


Eric along with his wife, Jamie, is the founder and owner of ecrandal.  ecrandal was named "e" for Eric and "crandal" for Eric's middle name.  Eric is our designer and forms all of our ecrandal cookie cutters.  His gifted artistic skills and perfectionist nature allow him to craft the most unique and beautifully formed cookie cutters ever made.  His attention to detail allows you to be confident that your cutter will perform perfect cuts every time.  Eric's free time is spent with his family. He loves sea life and used to have his own salt-water aquarium business. Eric's favorite cookie cutter is the crab.

Jamie Border:


Jamie, is the customer service department as well as photographer for many of the images you see on our site. She also runs the website to keep products listed and up to date as well as our listings on Amazon and Etsy.  Jamie will be the person most likely to answer your emails and help you out with any questions.  She enjoys meeting customers and getting to know you as a friend. Jamie is first and foremost a mom so her priority will always be her children.  When she is not caring for the kids, homeschooling, doing household chores, and helping out with ecrandal;  she can be usually be found sewing, knitting or reading.  She also has her own etsy shop called Twigs and Violets where you can see her sewing creations that she sells there! Jamie's favorite cookie cutters are the cute hedgehog, little fawn, hoot owl and cheep bird.


Victoria Border:


Victoria is Eric and Jamie's oldest daughter. She is a homeschool graduate and has chosen to follow a similar path to her daddy; desiring to run her own home-based business. She is artistically gifted with many interests.  Victoria has been running our shipping department for the past several years and makes sure that your orders are packed carefully and arrive safely.  She also helps with pulling orders, emails and forming some of our little "e" hemless cutters.  Outside of ecrandal her talents are many: making beautifully decorated cakes, designing and sewing amazing creations, crocheting, painting, music etc.  Her true passion lies with horses, since she was two she has loved these majestic animals.  She is currently training to care for and train horses at a local horse ranch. Victoria's favorite cookie cutters are the carousel horse, fancy hot air balloon, and the Fiona dress from our Cindy's collection.


Olivia Border:


Olivia is the second oldest daughter.  She is also a homeschool graduate. Olivia is the ecrandal photographer (along with her mom), pulls customer orders, edits our website, hand writes our "thank you" notes,  and runs our facebook, instagram and Pinterest accounts.  Olivia's true passion is in the culinary arts, she is an amazing cook and is currently working as a Chef-in-training at a local Farm-to-Table restaurant. Olivia's favorite cookie cutters are the teapot, and camera.


Ezekiel Border:


Ezekiel is our newest homeschool graduate (2018).  His current roles at ecrandal are; pulling orders, shipping, cutting and hemming the copper strips, learning fastening of the cutters and data entry on our website. Zeke's passion is in art, especially Japanese Manga style. He has devoted his high school years to honing his art skills and is planning to study to become an illustrator. Zeke's favorite cookie cutter is the six-shooter.


Ezra, Levi, Asa, and Silas:


The younger boys are mostly still students spending their days learning. They are full of energy and life!  Each of them works in a small capacity to help out wherever they can.  They are also great for ideas and cookie testing!  Ezra loves cooking and engineering and can build the most amazing lego creations I have ever seen. He says he plans to work at Disney as a Gluten-Free chef one day.  Levi loves science and Drama.  He is currently taking Drama classes at our local Youth Theater and one day plans to become a famous actor. He has a pet Chinchilla named, Pickles (Sadly, we lost his brother, Chives, earlier this year) which inspired him to learn everything about his native country of Chile and hopes to visit there one day. Levi's favorite cookie cutters are the dino pterodactyl, Indian Chief, and rifle with scope. Asa loves legos, video games and pigs. He recently has been showing an interest desire in art. Asa's favorite cookie cutter is the pig.  Silas is 3 and currently loves, rockets and anything that spins...literally he is obsessed with spinning things!  He is goofy and funny and extremely smart for his age.  He keeps our hands full and makes us laugh. Silas, favorite cutter is the rocket, which he will carry around with him.



Most of all we all strive to serve the Lord and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!